Our Patient Portal has moved. Please click here for more information on how to register for the patient portal.

To register a patient for the new portal, you will need the patient PIN number provided by the office.  Parents will register themselves for the portal and then use the patient PIN provided to them to add each child to their account.  Each child will receive their own PIN which will be unique to that child.  If you lose your PIN, please call the office. 

At this time, we are registering patients who are already scheduled for an appointment. Siblings may or may not receive an email at the same time. (As you can imagine - we have a lot of families and children to register! We are trying to prioritize those who are scheduled first)

If you are having difficulty registering yourself or your child, please see the information below before calling the office. 

We will begin registering patients for the new portal from our currently scheduled appointments.  You can expect a welcome email with your child's registration PIN ahead of the appointment.  Please register for your account as soon as possible after you receive your welcome email.

On the new portal - each child will receive a unique PIN so access to one child's account will not gain access to any others.  At this time, we are only registering scheduled appointments, so there may be a window where you do not have all of your children on your account.  If you need additional children added quickly, please call the office

We will not be using all of the features of the new portal just yet.  Some of them are not quite ready for Brentwood Pediatrics.  Over time we will make more features available on the portal, stay tuned!  

If you have problems logging into the new portal please contact the office for assistance. 


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